The System of Integrated Management (SIM)

Mark_3EC_14001+18001_circle_zmenseny.jpgIn 2009 the ZSE Group started conducting activities in order to implement the system of integrated management (SIM) pursuant to the requirements of the ISO 14 001 and OHSAS 18 001 standards. Subsequently, in 2010, recertification audits were conducted in ZSE Group companies - Západoslovenská energetika, a.s., Západoslovenská distribučná, a.s., and ZSE Energia, a.s. and in 2013 and 2016, all companies were successfully recertified. In 2017, the companies implemented new requirements of the now revised ISO 14 001:2015 standard and the certification company issued us a new ISO 14 001:2015 certificate.

In early 2014, the management of ZSE Energia, a.s. decided to introduce and certify a further management system – the quality management system according to ISO 9001 with focus on meeting customer requirements. A certification audit confirmed compliance of the introduced quality management system with ISO 9001 and a certificate was awarded to ZSE Energia, a. s.

The ZSE Group proved that it heeds the first principle of European health, safety & environment policies “Prevention is better than cure” and prioritised the preventive management approach. For several years now the ZSE Group has been involved in activities regarding HSE, such as:

  • “No Compromise on Safety” campaign;
  • “Stop and Go” campaign;
  • Protection of avifauna;
  • Safety Management Index;
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of unsafe conditions.