ZSE Energia, a. s.

Company’s information

Company entered the energy market on 1st July 2007 as a 100% daughter company of ZSE based on the unbundling model that complies with requirements for liberalisation of the market with electrical energy in Slovakia and European Union (EU).

The Company’s purpose is to trade and sell electricity in Western Slovakia and outside of the region and to provide long-term, reliable services that are reasonably priced,  environmentally conscious and in compliance with EU regulations.

The Company conducts its business in compliance with the energy law and the permit issued by the Regulatory Office for Network Industries.

In accordance with the business licence law, the Company obtained the business licence which states its business activities.

All changes in the Company’s core business activities must be approved by the General Assembly.

ZSE Energia, a.s., with headquarters on Čulenova 6, 816 47 Bratislava, was incorporated on 18th August 2006 and entered into the Commercial Register on 2nd September 2006. The Company is registered with the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, Section Sa, Entry No. 3978/B.

The Company was incorporated due to requirements originating from Law No. 656/2004 Coll. on energy in order to follow the unbundling model that the executive bodies of Západoslovenská energetika, a.s., approved.

Core business activities as stated in records of the Commercial Register

  • Purchase of goods for the resale to other businesses (wholesale)
  • Purchase of goods for the resale to end customers (retail)
  • Mediation activities to the extent of unregulated trade
  • Business advisory services to the extent of unregulated trade
  • Electricity supply
  • Advisory and consultancy activities in energy sector to the extent of unregulated trade
  • Electricity generation in facilities with the total installed capacity below 5MW
  • Generation of electricity from renewable sources in facilities with the total installed capacity below 5MW, if electricity is being generated in a small hydroelectric power plant, wind power plant, solar facility, facility using geothermal sources, biomass facility, or biogas facility
  • Advertising and marketing services
  • Gas supply
  • Energy audit
  • Provision of energy services with guaranteed energy savings
  • Installation, refurbishment and maintenance of specified and non-specified electrical equipment
  • Provision of supporting energy services
  • Repairs, technical inspections and technical tests of specified electrical equipment 
  • Preparatory works for constructions
  • Exterior and interior finishing works 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of ZSE Energia has three members.  Juraj Krajcár is its chairman.

Juraj Krajcár
  Mgr. Juraj Krajcár
  Chairman of the Board of Directors
Rastislav Jamrich
  Ing. Rastislav Jamrich
  Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Juraj Bayer
  Ing., Mgr. Juraj Bayer, PhD.
  Member of the Board of Directors 

Michal Dubeň
  PhDr. Michal Dubeň
  Member of the Board of Directors 
Dušan Petrík
  Ing. Dušan Petrík
  Member of the Board of Directors 

Supervisory Body:

  • Jochen Kley, Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Body
  • Andrej OchotnickýMember of the Supervisory Body
  • Pavol SlobodaMember of the Supervisory Body
  • Aneta ŽidekováMember of the Supervisory Body
  • Igor PaškoMember of the Supervisory Body
  • Andrea SchlettováMember of the Supervisory Body
  • JUDr. Rastislav HubačMember of the Supervisory Body
  • Ing. Peter HanulíkMember of the Supervisory Body
  • Ing. Ladislav JešíkMember of the Supervisory Body