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Environmental responsibility has long been among the priorities of the ZSE Group.

For more than 20 years, the energy business along with environmentalists has been contributing to the harmony between the landscape and industrial activities on the territory which is a part of the distribution area of ZSE. The ZSE Group in cooperation with the Raptor Protection of Slovakia has been implementing projects to protect bird populations from colliding with power lines. At the same time, we install bird booths for falcons on the electrical poles in collaboration with ornithologists.

We wish to educate general public on the importance of sustainable behaviour of every single person. In 2020, ZSE as the first organisation in Slovakia introduced the “Green electricity product, thanks to which Slovak households can consume electricity produced from renewable sources. In cooperation with the personalities of modern Slovakia, we present the “Green Ideas”, a project focused on inspirations and practical ideas for every household that wishes to be more nature-friendly.

Last but not least, we contribute to the sustainability of our workplaces, where we gradually introduce measures and carry out activities to reduce consumption and waste. Through our regular information campaigns among our employees we seek to raise awareness of more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Environmental responsibility has long been among the priorities of the ZSE Group

We see the fulfilment of requirements of the national laws as the must-be level of our environmental behaviour. We build new and upgrade the existing transformer sites and hazardous material storage facilities, using the latest technologies and high-quality insulation materials. We minimize the use of natural resources and build our own sewage treatment plants. We repeatedly update our own Waste Management Policy based on the separation and recovery of waste as recyclable materials. We continually monitor the quality of air through the control of the emission production.

The ZSE Group owns two small-scale hydroelectric power plants in Nitra and Jelšovce. Both have been in operation since the 1960s. The construction comprises cylindrical weirs and lock chambers. Hydroelectric installations are designed as river steps allowing the utilization of hydrologic conditions for the generation of electricity. The total output of the hydroelectric power plant is 1.8MW. Between 1997 and 2004, both power plants underwent a reconstruction with an emphasis on the environmental aspects of the operation.