ZSE Energia, a.s. (ZSEE)

ZSEE started its operations on 1 July 2007 as a 100% subsidiary of ZSE. The Company trades and sells electric energy and natural gas in all parts of Slovakia and focuses on providing long-term, reliable services with affordable prices in a way that corresponds with environmental protection and European Union regulations.

ZSEE  enhanced its product portfolio  for provision of complex energetic customer solutions services such as smart-home, renewable energy solutions or value-added service packages.

ZSEE conducts activities in accordance with Energy Law and the permit to supply electric energy issued by Regulatory Office for Network Industries (RONI).

Current assets of ZSEE are mainly represented by trade receivables and liabilities by trade payables, both related to supply and distribution of electric energy and natural gas as well as provision of complex energetic products and services for customers. Equity is mainly represented by share capital and legal reserve fund. 

Main source of ZSEE revenues and EBITDA is the revenue from the supply and distribution of electric energy and natural gas. ZSEE has the market share of 30% (2015) in Slovakia in electric energy supply and 3,8% (2015) in natural gas supply. Recently, another source of revenue in form of revenue from provision of complex energetic services and products for customers has been added.

Electric energy and gas distribution revenues are only pass-through, as the suppliers invoice the customers both for supply and distribution part of the price but the distribution part is then transferred to the electric energy or gas distribution system operator (DSO).

Key Figures of ZSE Energia as of December 31

Key figures of ZSE Energia, a.s.:

EUR Thousand 2017 2016
Non-current assets 12 978 7 821
Current assets 140 226 139 391
Total assets 153 204 147 212
Equity 20 764 22 107
Non-current liabilities 803 602
Current liabilities 131 637 124 503
Total equity and liabilities 153 204 147 212
Revenue 780 607 747 744
EBIT 12 819 15 724
EBITDA 14 145
16 501
Income 782 733 750 447
Expenses -769 906 -734 702
EBT 12 827 15 745
Net income 9 763 11 321
Total comprehensive income 9 755  11 423
Investments 2 008  2 087
Average number of employees 204 194