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Climate change is one of the biggest threats of our generations and has disproportional impacts on the most vulnerable groups. As an energy company, we have potential which we can use for the transition to zero emission solutions, contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement and European Green Deal, develop or upgrade ecosystems and build inclusive society. That is the reason why we want to offer solutions which have positive effect on every area of sustainable development.

  • As the first big electricity supplier in Slovakia, we offered the Slovak households the possibility of covering their consumption with electricity produced from renewable sources thanks to guarantees of origin.
  • We improve the availability of installations to a broader group of consumers for their own environmentally friendly electricity generation.
  • In our workplaces and offices, we step-by-step take actions to reduce consumption, waste and other environmental burdens. 
  • We have been long cooperating on corporate social responsibility projects focusing on environmental protection and environmental education.

More details about our activities in the field of sustainability can be found in the Sustainability Report.

Markus Kaune, ZSE Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO