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Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. (ZSE)

ZSE acts as a managing holding company for the whole Group and all subsidiaries to which it also provides supporting services, such as Customer services, Accounting, Tax, Finance, Regulation, etc. 1 July 2007 ZSE incorporated subsidiaries – for the operation of distribution system and for energy trading and sales. This split was based on the European Union Directive on common rules for the internal market in electricity repealing that has been implemented into Slovak legislation by Act No. 656/2004 Coll. on energy

Non-current assets are mainly represented by financial investments in subsidiaries and associates. Equity is mainly represented by share capital and legal reserve fund. Non-current liabilities are related to Euro Bond emission in 2013 in amount of EUR 630 million.

Main source of ZSE revenue and EBITDA is dividend income from subsidiaries and associates. Another significant source is revenue from provision of non-core supporting services to its subsidiaries.

Key Figures of ZSE as of December 31

Key figures of Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. (ZSE):

EUR in thousands 20222021
Non-current assets 657,257 966,944
Current assets 476,117 87,912
Total assets 1,133,374 1,054,856
Equity 357,593 372,562
Non-current liabilities 323,375
Current liabilities 452,406 47,833
Total equity and liabilities 1,133,374 1,054,856
Continuing operations    
Revenue 17,552 16,571
EBIT 72,406 91,218
EBITDA 75,365 95,299
Income 118,053 134,596
Expenses (44,537) (42,908)
EBT 73,516 91,688
Net income from continuing operations 72,861 90,490
Net income from discontinued operations  
Net income total 72,861 90,490
Total comprehensive income 72,950 90,871
Investments 3,666 2,205
Average number of employees 178 171