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ZSE Drive opens the first city charging hub for EVs

3. 7. 2024

ZSE Drive (a ZSE´s Group product line brand for EVs) introduces a unique charging solution for passenger EVs by opening its first City charging Hub at Landererova in Bratislava, which brings environmentally friendly charging, a modern design and sustainability to a capital city´s top lucrative location. As a silent and zero-emission solution, it is ideal for residential areas.

“E-mobility has become a paramount topic within the process of the 21st century’s energy transformation. Our ZSE City Hub heralds a completely new era in the urban charging with the highest unique capacity up to 400kW. Its comprehensiveness makes it not only the first of its kind in Slovakia, but the entire Central Europe region” said Juraj Krajcár, Member of the ZSE Board of Directors at the grand opening.

Charging Hub features

The Hub offers 10 charging points equipped with chargers of renowned manufacturers Alpitronic and Alfen. Altogether 6 DC charging points are located at the Hub, of which 2 individual ones have a maximum capacity of 300kW and 4 shared ones a capacity of 400kW. Further 2 shared AC chargers with 4 charging points offer a maximum capacity of 22kW. The location is managed by a smart dynamic load management system, which distributes the available power capacity among active chargers.

Thanks to the innovative charging technology, the latest generation EVs can be charged up to 80% of their capacity as fast as within 18 minutes, with future car models and with the utilisation of the full 400kW capacity even within 10 minutes.

EVs will be charged with 100% certified renewable electricity generated by Slovak hydro power plants, which ZSE Drive uses to run all its chargers and charging stations.

Hub’s environmental sustainability

Its location is very lucrative, easily accessible and centrally placed in the busy city centre, just a few steps away from some of the most well-known companies, malls and business centres in Bratislava. Its modern design, with its glass front rounded façade, which naturally follows the contours and high quality of the Sky Park project is eye-catching as well.

The charging hub was designed with a strong focus on the philosophy of environmental sustainability with the ambition to be LEED Gold certified The green roof is planted with low-maintenance, humidity-retaining plants. The project’s smart solutions minimise its energy requirements, water consumption, energy used for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, and its advanced technologies help maintain indoor environment quality.

Besides charging stations, innovative environmentally friendly solutions by Ecotank can be found in the City Hub as well. Washer fluid can be refilled from larger tanks, without the need for plastic containers. ,,We are happy about our new cooperation with ZSE Drive. Sustainability and environment protection efforts are our common goal. Ecotank’s long-term goal is to reduce the environmental footprint and help recover our planet’s health. Since our establishment, we have saved hundreds of tons of plastic waste globally. With each new partnership, our planet will be hundreds of tons of plastic waste lighter. The placement of Ecotank at the Landererova charging hub also shows that environmentally friendly solutions can be both easy and smart. said Juraj Saktor, CEO of Ecotank, to the cooperation

Multi-E Project

As far is financing is concerned, 20% co-funding from the Multi-E EU project (within Connecting Europe Facility, CEF) was used for the charging technology the Hub. “Transport decarbonisation is an essential element in fighting against climate change and improving the quality of life of European citizens. The Multi-E project contributes significantly to this objective by providing for multiple clean transport solutions based on alternative fuels for urban, regional and cross-border transport. The European Union makes available sizeable financial support to projects of national and local stakeholders aiming at fostering sustainable transport solutions and will continue to support these initiatives thanks to the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility (AFIF)“, said Paloma Aba Garrote, Director of the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA).

ZSE Drive leads

ZSE Drive currently operates 489 charging points in Slovakia. 209 DC charging points have a capacity of 50 – 400kW and 280 AC points offer a capacity of 11 – 22kW. In 2024, further 120 new ultra-fast charging points should be added.

The ambition of ZSE Drive is to bring most advanced technology solutions focusing at ultrafast charging. In 2018 the first ultra-fast charger station (350kW) was built at the Budča location. In 2024, the first charger station for trucks (400kW) was launched into operation at the EMPARK site near Trnava. With all types of chargers, the advanced GridX dynamic load management is applied, which was deployed by ZSE in real-life operation as the first company within the E.ON Group at the Nivy shopping mall in the country´s capital.

ZSE is also the lead partner in the international V4Grid project financed within the Interreg Central Europe program aiming to transform the existing Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology, which facilitates smooth EVs integration in the grid, into a fully fledged service within the CEE region. With V2X, EVs can communicate with the charger points and the grid, thus decreasing the energy cost and supply excess energy back to the grid.

Otvorenie Cityhub

Otvorenie Cityhub

ZSE Drive otvára prvý mestský nabíjací hub pre elektromobily