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Whistleblowing system

Reporting unfair practice

The ZSE Group, its managers, employees and shareholders consider transparent and sustainable business relationships, good work environment and responsible business very important.

In order to ensure these standards, as well as compliance with law and rules, which is a priority for us, the ZSE Group established communication channels to report suspicions of illegal or unethical behaviour.


Further important contacts and information for whistleblowers


The ZSE Group companies' whistleblowing systems allows the ZSE Group employees and third parties such as suppliers or customers to report a violation of laws, regulations and other breaches (“unfair practices”) using the form below.

By reporting, you can help us quickly discover and remedy potential breaches occurring in our business. You may send a report at any time, and we guarantee its confidentiality and protection of your identity.

As a whistleblower you may freely choose whether to report anonymously or not. If you wish to stay anonymous, we will respect it. Please be careful if you unintentionally didn't identify yourself when filling in the report form or uploading files containing your data. If you submit email correspondence as a proof, don't forget to remove your own address.

This form is exclusively for reporting unfair practices (corruption, fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, violation of human rights or other breaches of the ZSE Group Code of Conduct). If your report is a customer complaint, please address it to the customer service of the relevant company: ZSE Energia | Západoslovenská distribučná | VSE | Východoslovenská distribučná.

If you wish to make an anonymous report, put “anonym” in Name and surname and use anonymised email address. Please be aware that if you don't indicate any contact (email or phone number), we won't be able to contact you during the investigation concerning additional information (if necessary) and you won't be informed about the investigation result.

Identification and contact data


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Thank you for your report. We will immediately investigate.

If you left your contact details, we will confirm the receipt of the report using that contact.

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