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30 September 1901

The Municipal Power Plant in Bratislava starts its operation. On the Main Square and the promenade, the first electric streetlights are switched on.

20 December 1921

The constituting General Meeting of Západoslovenská Elektrárna takes place.

1 June 1922

Západoslovenská Elektrárna, úč.spol., is listed and established as a legal entity.

11 February 1942

Západoslovenská Elektrárna, úč. spol. starts operating the first 100 kV line between Trnava and Bratislava including 100/22kV terminals.

7 December 1952

The first cross-border 110 kV connection between Nové Zámky and Kisigmánd (Hungary).

11 June 1970

High voltage network is connected to the 400 kV national transmission system and supplies become more reliable.

3 September 1990

Západoslovenské energetické závody is declared a state enterprise.

1 November 2001

After 55 years, ZSE becomes a joint-stock company again.

13 June 2002

Representatives of the Slovak Government and the E.ON Energie Group based in Munich sign an agreement on transferring a 49% share to E.ON Energie. The price of this share is EUR 330 million.

5 September 2002

The 49% share package of Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. passes onto E.ON Energie AG.

19 November 2003

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and E.ON Energie sign an agreement on selling a 9% share in Západoslovenská energetika, a.s.

16 December 2003

The 9% share of E.ON Energie AG in ZSE is transferred to the EBRD.

1 April 2004

ZSE aligns its graphics with the E.ON design and adds “member of the E.ON Group” to its logotype.

1 July 2007

Date of the legal unbundling of ZSE. Distribution operations are operated by ZSE Distribúcia, a.s. and business activities are run by ZSE Energia, a.s. Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. is the full owner of the newly established subsidiaries. The ZSE Group is established.

27 May 2008

E.ON Energie AG Munich put its 40 % share of ZSE into its fully owned subsidiary E.ON Slovensko, a.s.

1 April 2011

ZSE Energia officially enters the gas market. Gas supply is offered to corporate customers. In April 2012, its offer is extended to all market segments including small enterprises and households.

1 January 2014

The third energy package leads to the separation of all activities relating to the electricity distribution to Západoslovenská distribučná, a.s. and activities relating to business to ZSE Energia, a.s. These changes come into effect on 1 January 2014. The total of 1,100 job positions are transferred to the distribution company.

September 2014

ZSE renovated the former diesel power plant in the town of Piešťany dating back to the start of the last century. It is now an interactive centre of science and technology. It becomes the Building of the Year and Cultural Site of the Year.

August 2014

The ZSE Foundation was established, focusing on projects in the areas such as innovation, education, environmental protection and community development.

July 2018

ZSE acquires again the combined heat and power plant in Malženice with the installed capacity of 436 MW.

September 2018

ZSE Drive brand is launched on the market. ZSE Drive presents the first 350 kW charging station and launches the commercial service of charging in the public charging network ZSE Drive.

February 2020

As the first big electricity supplier in Slovakia, ZSE starts offering the Slovak households the possibility of covering their consumption with electricity produced from renewable sources thanks to guarantees of origin (Green Electricity).

December 2020

ZSE Group acquires the majority share in EKOTERM, s. r. o.

June 2021

ZSE Group acquires the majority share in BK, a. s.

1 June 2022

ZSE celebrates its 100th anniversary.